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Regardless of whether your operational strategy is centered on conventional oil and gas production or on unconventional wells, TETRA has the production testing solutions to enable you to quickly and efficiently bring your wells online.  From the outset, it is critical to ensure effective well clean up before connection to the permanent production facilities.
Well Cleanup:  For traditional well completions, TETRA can configure systems capable of providing well cleanup to remove drilling fluids, completion fluids, and solids to establish initial well flow prior to connection to permanent production facilities.
Unconventional Wells:  With the rapid expansion of development from unconventional wells and the increased production resulting from innovative frac designs, TETRA offers experienced people and process equipment to effectively clean up your well and handle the high pressure and extreme abrasive solids associated with the fracing activities.
TETRA maintains over 230 well test and flow back packages operating globally. Equipment packages include:
  • Offshore packages enclosed in DNV frames built to European and US highest standards
  • Arctic winterized equipment for ultra cold climate operation (-40ºF)
  • Trailer-mounted well test packages for high mobility
  • Helicopter-portable equipment for remote location operations
  • HP/HT Frac Flow Back Equipment for high flow rate, highly abrasive well control
  • Hydraulic well control equipment
  • Sand Management Systems including Sand Filters and Sand Cyclones up to 100 MMSCF/D and 30BOPD flow rates with up to 20,000lbs/day of solids
  • Zero-discharge burner and incineration systems for offshore and onshore applications
  • H2S SO2 and NOX emissions monitoring systems and highly detailed pre-operations simulation surveys

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Director of Bus. Dev., Western Hemisphere
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Latin America VP
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Vice President Production Testing
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Production Testing Product Line Manager EH
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Production Testing Product Line Manager NA
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