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Exploration & Appraisal
Within your exploration and appraisal project phase, TETRA understands the ability for well testing to help you achieve your business goals. We appreciate the expectation you have for accurate and timely well data, acquired in a safe and environmentally friendly manner, utilizing process systems which reflect your test design program. Well data acquired during this phase is fundamental to developing the knowledge, which enables the ability to validate, confirm, and value your asset’s future production potential.

TETRA leverages its internal design capabilities along with industry standard equipment and software to implement systems in line with industry best practices and required standards, which are fully capable of meeting your test program objectives. These systems are able to handle the wide range of well flow parameters that are encountered during initial testing of exploration and appraisal wells. Using proven downhole tool technology and instrumentation for acquiring pressure, temperature, and fluid data, along with TETRA’s proprietary subsea safety system, allows flexibility in the test program and ensures well control in the case of emergency situations. Surface packages incorporate all modules necessary to control well flow, and separate, measure, and dispose of well effluents in alignment with the desired test program. Utilizing RigCooling ®Services by OPTIMA® provides superior heat protection, allowing the highest flow rates to be achieved during your test program. Modules for conditioning well fluids and handling solids are incorporated as required to successfully meet test goals. TETRA’s well test systems comprise all the equipment needed to meet your test objectives for accurate formation and fluid measurements.

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