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Automated Blending

Using a combination of TETRA's water blending controller and our patented on-the-fly blending manifold takes the guesswork out of combining produced water, flowback water, brackish water, or freshwater into a consistent high-quality blend that meets specifications required for fracing.

The controller measures input and output water conductivity to accurately control the input water ratios to ensure an output blend as specified. The manifold’s unique, internal blending chamber effectively and consistently blends flowback, produced, and fresh waters into one homogenous water blend for an optimal fracturing fluid.

TETRA's Automated Blending Solution saves money by reducing the cost associated with procuring fresh water and eliminating the cost of disposing of produced water.


  • 12” design to accommodate high flow rates 
  • Manual, semi-auto or automatic operation 
  • Data logging capability 
  • Real time dirty water (PRE) and blended water (POST) flow rate and conductivity measurement 
  • Integrates with remote pump and flow rate monitoring 
  • Modular design for flexible rig up


  • Conserves fresh water by blending reclaimed produced water sources with fresh water at high flow rates for real-time frac water supply 
  • Provides an optimal fracturing fluid that meets customer water quality specifications 
  • Compatible with all TETRA’s innovative water treatment solutions 
  • Documented water quality across the stages of completion 
  • Reduces environmental impact by using produced water 
  • Consistent fluid lowers friction reducer demand providing cost savings




Dean Fanguy
Director of Bus. Dev., Western Hemisphere
Phone: 832.482.1377

Scott Richie
WM/CS Product Line Manager NA
Phone: 281.364.5368