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Pump Monitoring

Today’s shale fracturing treatments have stretched the abilities of legacy pumping systems to the extreme edges of the performance envelope. The required high pressures and rates create more frequent equipment maintenance and repair procedures. Our pump monitoring delivers real-time water flow monitoring to effectively and efficiently track water delivery. When used in combination with our impoundment and tank level monitors, it provides a real-time integrated snapshot of field water volumes.

  • Monitors pump RPM, discharge water pressure, water temperature, flow rate, and flow totalizer
  • Programmable alerts for discharge flow rate, pressure, and temperature
  • Integrated with and powered by the pump
  • No installation required
  • Supports satellite and cellular to optimize performance and costs
  • Web-based customer reporting for real-time access and monitoring
  • Expandable to cover entire water system with tank and pit level sensors
  • Real-time data access to water and pump data from anywhere
  • Visibility and assurance of water supply
  • Reduce downtime waiting on water and improved operational efficiencies
  • Predict equipment issues before they occur
  • Operate more efficiently with fewer people
Tank Water Monitoring

Our Water Monitoring Solution offers an accurate and flexible means of local and remote monitoring of tank water levels. Fully customizable tank parameters and alarms provide sufficient flexibility to monitor up to 20 tanks per base panel. Local tank operator screen displays real-time tank levels and alarms uninterrupted throughout the frac. All data is logged and can be read remotely using either satellite or cellular network. Remote monitoring, web-based dashboard can be used to monitor or report ongoing operations.

  • Monitor up to 20 tanks simultaneously
  • Measures inlet pressure and temperature
  • Programmable alerts for water levels, water temperature, and manifold pressure
  • Customizable independent tank parameters permits monitoring of different tank sizes and configurations
  • Designed to ensure uninterrupted data capture even during radio black outs
  • Supports satellite and cellular to optimize performance and costs
  • Installation is quick with minimal footprint at location
  • Web-based customer reporting for real-time access and monitoring
  • Designed to integrate with remote pump and flow rate monitoring
  • Monitor volume, rate, line pressure, and water temperature on a single screen
  • Reduction in downtime waiting on water
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Real time data access
  • Reduces manual tank monitoring, resulting in less HSE exposure
  • Transparent water volume data available to all parties in operations
  • Optimize water usage leads reduction and cost savings
  • Remote monitoring from any location
  • Visibility and assurance of supply







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