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TETRA's fluid loss control technologies are designed to help completion engineers address three broad categories of fluid loss: (1) light seepage, (2) moderate seepage due to a relatively permeable formation, and (3) lost circulation, which is severe and requires immediate and decisive action.

Generally there are two types of fluid loss:

  1. Seepage, which can be light or moderate, depending on formation permeability, and which occurs when wellbore fluids migrate into the formation under the influence of hydrostatic pressure
  2. Lost circulation, which is severe fluid loss that has reached a rate at which circulation can no longer be maintained.

All of TETRA's fluid loss control technologies are designed with the objective of allowing our customers to maintain well control by ensuring that a full column of brine of adequate density remains in the wellbore.

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Fluid Loss Control

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Director of Bus. Dev., Western Hemisphere
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Area Manager - USA Offshore Completion Services & Fluids
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