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Microfibers are specially manufactured, acid soluble mineral fibers. The mineral fibers are long and flexible and will interlock to form a strong, dense filter cake.

Microfibers are recommended for bridging and plugging voids and fractures. They are also the preferred choice to treat lost circulation in wells with high bottomhole temperatures. Microfibers are thermally stable in excess of 500ºF and are compatible with fresh water, completion brines, and diesel oil based muds.



TETRA Magmafiber Regular
Composed of fine acid soluble microfibers, TETRA Magmafiber Regular is used to build a robust filter cake. TETRA Magmafiber Regular is recommended to seal microfractures, as well as permeable and underpressured sand formations.


TETRA Magmafiber Fine
Composed of medium sized acid soluble microfibers, TETRA Magmafiber Fine is used to build a robust filter cake. TETRA Magmafiber Fine is recommended to bridge and plug voids and fractures.


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Dean Fanguy
Director of Bus. Dev., Western Hemisphere
Phone: 832.482.1377



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Area Manager - USA Offshore Completion Services & Fluids
Phone: 281.364.2204

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