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TETRA carries an extensive range of unique breaker products that permit the degradation of filter cakes or fluid loss pills from ambient to high temperatures and in the presence of low to high density fluids. With TETRA's patented technology, breaker products can be formulated to remove the polymeric binding agents and release the bridging materials either as discrete particles or degraded material. The break time can be controlled by careful formulation to faciliate the removal of both the binding and bridging agents.


Breaker Products
TETRA's breaker products cover a wide range of applications with respect to specific temperatures and densities. Some of these products have proven to be especially effective at low temperatures. After being circulated into place, these breaker products are usually left until the well is brought online.

TETRAVis Breaker
A viscosity breaker, TETRAVis™ Breaker is designed with the ability to incorporate a time delay in the breaking of an HEC pill.
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