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TETRA's corrosion control additives are specially designed to assist with the control of corrosion in clear brine fluids.


CORSAF SF Corrosion Inhibitor
This amine based corrosion inhibitor is designed for use with solid free brines. CORSAF™ SF corrosion inhibitor is effective for sodium, potassium, calcium, and zinc brines. It is a water soluble, film forming amine that can be used at temperatures up to 350ºF. CORSAF SF corrosion inhibitor is recommended for use in the treatment of brines in well applications utilizing chrome alloys where a thiocyanate based inhibitor is not appropriate. CORSAF SF may be used in conjunction with OxBan and OxBan HB oxygen scavengers.


TETRAHib Corrosion Inhibitor
This water soluble, multi-component, inorganic, film forming corrosion inhibitor is designed for use in low density clear brine fluids such as potassium chloride, sodium chloride, and calcium chloride. TETRAHib™ corrosion inhibitor is particularly effective in environments where hydrogen sulfide and carbon dioxide are present.


TETRAHib Plus Corrosion Inhibitor
This water soluble, inorganic, film forming corrosion inhibitor is designed for use in midweight and high density clear brine fluids, including calcium chloride, calcium bromide, and zinc bromide brines. TETRAHib™ Plus corrosion inhibitor is effective at bottomhole temperatures from 100ºF to 450ºF. It effectively retards the rate of corrosion in calcium chloride and calcium bromide CBF environments. Unlike standard filming amines, TETRAHib Plus corrosion inhibitor is compatible with most elastomers common in packer and seal assemblies.


Antimicrobial Biocide
This antimicrobial biocide solution is recommended in water based drilling, completion, and workover fluids. It is effective against sulfate reducing bacteria, iron bacteria and bacterial slime formers, which cause bacterially induced corrosion.


OxBan Oxygen Scavenger
This oxygen scavenger consists of a specially formulated, concentrated liquid inorganic sulfite. OxBan™ oxygen scavenger eliminates oxygen as a corrosion promoter in fresh water and low density oilfield completion and workover fluids. It is designed for use in clear brine fluids containing monovalent ions, such as sodium and potassium. Use of OxBan oxygen scavenger with chrome resistant alloy (CRA) metallurgy should be avoided.

Warning: Use of OxBan scavenger with CRA metallurgy should be avoided. OxBan HB should be used instead.



OxBan HB Oxygen Scavenger
This oxygen scavenger comprises a proprietary blend of polyfunctional organics that eliminates oxygen in midweight to high density fluids containing monovalent and divalent ions such as sodium, potassium, calcium, and zinc. OxBan HB™ oxygen scavenger is compatible with seawater. Additionally, it will not form undesirable byproducts with calcium or zinc brine fluids. Because it is free of sulfur containing chemicals, OxBan HB can be used safely with CRA metallurgy.


H2S Scavenger ZF
H2S Scavenger ZF is a truly unique zinc free aqueous polymeric amino alcohol solution that converts toxic hydrogen sulfide and most other organic sulfur containing compounds into a useful, effective corrosion inhibitor that is soluble in water.



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