Tetra Technologies, Inc.
TETRA’s dual pod filtration cartridge unit is recommended for filtering brines, gels, chemicals, and produced water in completion, stimulation, and workover operations. The pods are connected by a manifold, providing staged filtration capability. Staged filtration utilizes cartridge filters with different ratings to maximize filtration efficiency. Cartridge filtration is designed for use with fluids containing a low percent by volume of suspended solids. Cartridge filtration is not economic when fluids are contaminated with oil or other substances.

Equipment Data Sheet

  • Economically filters large fluid volumes

  • Easily operated by rig personnel

  • Generates very little disposable waste


  • TETRA C2 Pleated Cellulose Filtration Cartridges

  • TETRA PP2 Polypropylene Filtration Cartridges

  • Resin Bonded Filtration Cartridges

NOTE: Other cartridge filters available upon request. 


Unit Size Dual pod filters
Cartridge Size 2 in x 40 in
(32 cartridges/pod)
Flow Rate 14 to 20 bbl/min
Net Filter Area Maximum 1,408 sq ft with pleated filters
Maximum Working Pressure 40 psi
Footprint (L x W x H) 5.3 ft x 4.5 ft x 5.5 ft
Weight 1,500 lbs