Tetra Technologies, Inc.
Our trained fluid engineers will work with you to design the most optimum wellbore cleanup and displacement program for your well. Considering all of the well parameters and using advanced hydraulic modeling software, they will establish performance criteria and recommend the best solution to meet your specific needs.

Our personnel will partner with you to provide technical and engineering support throughout the entire operation and will conduct a post displacement analysis of the critical performance factors.

Hydraulic Modeling Software (DeepDesign™)

TETRA fluid engineers use specialized hydraulic modeling software during the planning of a wellbore cleanup and displacement program. This software is used to perform dynamic calculations on all phases of the displacement operation.

These calculations determine:

  • Wellbore pressures
  • Equivalent circulating density
  • Pressure control and back pressure schedules
  • Pipe and casing strength integrity
  • Multiple weak or potential lost circulation zones
  • Pump pressure schedules
  • Hydraulic horsepower requirements

TETRA's engineering staff utilizes this specialized technology to determine the correct tools and the optimum casing cleaning chemical system for each specific well configuration. This process and technology has been used to help a variety of production companies realize tremendous savings.

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