Tetra Technologies, Inc.
The TETRA "AdvanceClean™" specialty tool line includes a complete selection of wellbore cleanup brushes and scrapers in a variety of sizes necessary to tackle the most demanding risers and tubings. These tools are reknowned for their reliability, durability, and simplicity—translating into fast, easy, and trouble free operations.

Manufacturing and Design Specifics
  • The tools are manufactured with heat treated, high alloy steel with a yield strength of 135,000 psi and are designed to work in conjunction with pipe rotation and reciprocation. 
  • The tools' unique, patented 45-degree angle blade design ensures 100 percent coverage and constructive flow of solids.
  • The brushes and scraper blades are designed with independent springs to avoid failure from metal fatigue.
  • Each tool size will fit all API casing weights without requiring any changing of blades or brush inserts.
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