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The AdvanceClean™ scraper tool is a self sharpening scraper tool with a patented, opposing blade design. It is recommended when working in high solids environments.


The scraper tool offers a number of design advantages over conventional tools. The following list outlines many of these design benefits.
  • Scraper ToolOpposing blade design counteracts the tendency for blade rotation.

  • Patented blades are self sharpening and promote the self cleaning of solids.

  • Visable wear indicators allow for ease of onsite inspection without the need for calipers to ensure adequate blade life.

  • Double coverage design of the tool means a single tool does the work of two conventional tools.

  • Extra large bypass area guarantees no clog action and no restriction of flow path.

  • Tool configuration generates little or no torque as tools are run in or reciprocated.

  • Tool components are manufactured with corrosion resistant alloy.
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