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The AdvanceClean™ circulating tool allows a high circulation rate and annular velocities above the liner top to assist in well cleaning. The tool’s multiaction feature allows for changing tool position, reciprocating or rotation.


In addition to being easy to operate, the circulating tool offers a number of design advantages, many of which are outlined below.
  • Circulating ToolThe tool allows a high circulation rate and AVs above the liner top to assist in well cleanout.

  • The tool reduces pressure losses in small liner and/or tapered workstring configurations.

  • Multi-action feature allows for changing tool position as often as desired.

  • Because it is actuated by a simple pickup or slack off on the workstring, the tool is easy to operate.

  • Solid one piece body eliminates weak points in the tool.

  • Rugged design of the tool allows the workstring to be reciprocated and/or rotated.

  • Flexibility in the design allows the tool to be configured to allow rotation of the upper string only, if desired.

  • The tool functions as a drain sub when being pulled out of the hole to avoid pulling wet strings.

  • Simplicity in the design assures reliable tool functioning.
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