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Properly designed completion fluids, using standard blends, will meet the needs of the majority of completion and workover applications. There are times, however, when the combination of formation mineralogy, geology and the challenges of drilling a well through thousands of feet of overburden may require a customized approach.

When your data suggests that out of the ordinary conditions may exist in a well or producing zone, a completion fluid specially formulated to address individual formation properties is sometimes a good choice for maximizing well productivity. TETRA can provide specially blended fluids based on conventional halide brines or those using formates.

Some circumstances and considerations indicating that a specialty fluid may be necessary include:

  • density range, bottomhole temperature, and pressure conditions,
  • dispersible or water sensitive clay minerals,
    metallurgical considerations such as high chromium alloys, and
  • compatibility problems between formation fluids and the completion fluid.

In these situations, it is best to obtain the advice of a TETRA fluids specialist and TETRA technical service professional who can help you explore alternatives. Because these are unique situations, each one should be investigated and recommendations should be developed on the basis of available test data.

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