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The AdvanceClean™ riser brush tool is a large tool adaptation of the time and field proven Tough Boy casing brush. It is used to remove caked material from the wall of the riser system during displacement operations to enhance chemical cleanup performance. For tough jobs such as gumbo buildup within the riser, the brushes of this tool can be changed to conventional scraper blades and the tool can be run to eliminate this buildup.


The riser brush tool offers a number of design advantages over conventional tools. The following list outlines many of these design benefits.
  • Riser Brush ToolManufactured of heat treated, high alloy steel with a yield strength of 135,000 psi, the tool provides redundant 100% coverage of the riser wall by placing long stainless steel brushes in a patented blade angle design.

  • Brushes are protected by a stabilizer element, located on the mandrel, which also ensures uniform 360° brush contact with the riser wall.

  • Patented blade angle design allows for unrestricted fluid flow and complete bypass of cuttings and debris.
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