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SafeDEfloŽ Automated DE Delivery System
Filtration Services

TETRA’s SafeDEflo® automated DE delivery system provides precision control in DE material delivery and offers many safety and environmental improvements during DE filtration operations by eliminating waste, dust, and the need to lift, cut, and load heavy packages of DE material.

Equipment Data Sheet


TETRA’s SafeDEflo® automated DE delivery system facilitates the quick and safe handling of filtration media by pairing preloaded filter media containers with an automated dispensing system and control panel.

Together, the dispensing system and control panel accurately regulate the amount of DE material being added to the filtration unit. The unique cone discharge valve is designed to prevent rat holing, bridging, and segregation problems commonly associated with conventional butterfly valves.

The SafeDEflo® system is transported to a job site as a package that includes one stackable control unit and six (6) preloaded intermediate bulk carriers (IBCs), two (2) containing medium and four (4) containing fine particle size DE filter media. Each IBC holds 1,000 pounds of filter media.


The SafeDEflo® automated DE delivery system offers many safety and environmental advantages.

Environmentally Friendly fully contained design generates no waste and very little dust

Safety Enhancing preloaded carriers eliminate the need for filtration and rig personnel to lift and load 50-pound packages of filter media

Waste Reducing preloaded carriers eliminate the need to dispose of empty bags and pallets

Accurate Dispensing pneumatic control panel ensures accurate dispensing of 2,000 pounds of filter media from the dual carrier configuration


The SafeDEflo® automated DE delivery system is designed for use with TETRA’s SafeDEflo® 1100, SafeDEflo® 1300, and SafeDEflo® 1500 plate and frame filtration units.