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Wellbore Cleanup & Displacement
A clean wellbore is one of the most critical aspects of a productive, trouble free completion. A clean production cased wellbore increases your ability to set and retrieve downhole tools. More importantly, a clean wellbore ultimately leads to enhanced production through reducing or eliminating fine solids that are potentially damaging to the formation.

A successful wellbore cleanup requires the right combination of:

  • The correct mechanical downhole cleaning tools,
  • The optimum cleaning/displacement chemicals, and
  • The proper prejob planning, design and onsite implementation.

TETRA has the most complete well cleaning package available in the industry. We have the proven downhole tools, the chemical displacement technology and the professional team to help you design and implement the best possible cleanup and displacement.

Joey Detiveaux
Area Manager - USA Offshore Completion Services and Fluids
Phone: 713.858.8975

Kenny Platt
USA Sales Manager Onshore
Phone: 713.515.8881

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