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Filtration Services and Products
Filtration often goes hand in hand with clear brine fluids (CBFs) and TETRA has the expertise, equipment, and engineering and operations staff to handle all of our customers' filtration needs. The added benefit with TETRA is that we have an in-depth understanding of the nature and characteristics of the fluids being filtered.

Brine filtration is another component in TETRA’s integrated productivity protection system which encompasses more than just the fluid. Workover and completion operations often generate solids that are picked up and transported by the CBF. Those solids can be carried into the formation or perforations where they are difficult to remove and can often result in lower productivity. In order to eliminate the possibility of production impairment, brine filtration is used to remove solids from the system.

Filtration equipment is operated continuously during all phases of completion operations as long as the CBF is in the hole with the objectives of:

  • Protecting the producing formation,
  • Removing solids from completion fluid,
  • Assuring an uninterrupted supply of filtered, solid free completion fluid, and
  • Ensuring tool operability.

Filtration Equipment

TETRA has developed filtration equipment to handle a variety of filtration needs, including vertical single pod units, large diatomaceous earth (DE) filter press units, and stackable units. Our equipment is designed to minimize fluid loss and maximize safety. We can customize a filtration package to meet your individual project needs. Our filtration engineers and operators understand the nature of the brines being filtered and are thoroughly trained and equipped to maintain safe operations.

Filtration System Details

Joey Detiveaux
Area Manager - USA Offshore Completion Services and Fluids                                    Phone: 713.858.8975

Kenny Platt
USA Sales Manager Onshore
Phone: 713.515.8881

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