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Products & Services
      Compression Services
      Fluids, Filtration, Tools and Services
            Breaker Technology Products
            Bridging Agents
               Calcium Carbonate Bridging Agents
               Microfiber Bridging Agents
               Sized Salt Bridging Agents
            Corrosion Control Additives
               Corrosion Control
               Oxygen Control
            Displacement Chemicals and Spacers
            Dry Salt Weight Material
            Fit for Purpose Additives
            Formation Protection Additives
            pH Control Additives and Buffering Agents
            Rheological & Filtrate Control Additives
         Clear Brine Fluids
            Single Salt Fluids
            Multisalt Fluids
            Specialty Brine Fluids
               Halide Based Specialty Fluids
            Fluids to Control Fluid Loss
               Fluid Loss Control
         Filtration Services
            SafeDEflo Plate & Frame DE Filtration Systems
            Cartridge Filtration System
            Filtration Consumables
            SafeDEfloŽ Automated DE Delivery System
         TETRA CS Neptune
         Wellbore Cleanup & Displacement
            Planning and Engineering
            Displacement Chemicals and Spacers
               TDSP Spacers
               TETRAClean Spacers
               Displacement Chemicals
            Specialty Cleanup Tools
               Brush/Scraper Combination
               Circulating Tools
               Flow Check Sub
               Multi-Use Waste Retriever Tool
               Riser Brush Tool
               Riser Waste Retriever Tool
               Riser Jet Tool
               Swivel Tool
               Wellhead Jet Tool
         TETRA Innovation Group (TIG)
         Focus on Safety
         Safety Data Sheets
         MatchWell Engineered Solutions
         Engineered Solutions Guide
      Production Testing
         Exploration & Appraisal
         Surface Well Testing
         Cleanup Services
         Early Production Facilities
         Laboratory Services
         Railroad Commission Testing
         Safety and Training
      Rig Cooling Services
      Water Management Solutions
         Automation & Monitoring
            Automated Blending
      TETRA Innovation Group (TIG)
         Specialized Fluid Testing
         Analytical Testing
         Completion Fluid Testing
            TETRA Innovation Group (TIG)
         Research and Development
         Technical Services and Product Development
         Frac Water Treatment
         Analytical Services

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